Donation Descriptions
Light The Night
Another special way to honor or remember a loved one is to “light the night” in their honor. A donation of $50 will keep the steeple lights burning for a month. Your kind donation and the person in whose name the donation was made will be noted in he church bulletin each Sunday of that month.
Memorial Fund
Donations to this fund are used to purchase needed equipment or building upgrades and include a commemorative plaque mounted on the purchased item. Past examples include the communion table, the rear church door, and an audio visual cabinet.
The Les Slocum Choral Scholarship Fund (LSCSF) – This money is used to hire music students from local colleges or universities to supplement and enhance our chancel choir. The Jean Cedarleaf Fund for Christian Education Education
A donation of $100 would secure an adult education speaker for 1-2 weeks.
Coffee Hour Sponsor
$25 would sponsor one of our Sunday coffee hours. Your donation would be used to purchase coffee, tea, and goodies offered during this weekly fellowship time.
Altar Flowers
The beautiful altar flowers each week may be donated in honor or in memory of a loved one, who is listed in that Sunday’s bulletin. Cost is $30.
Trustees Capital Improvement Fund:
A donation to this fund will be used for such projects as reducing noise in the Snow Room, purchasing a video screen and improved speakers in the sanctuary, remodeling the kitchen, electronic cataloging and preserving historic information and other important projects.
Endowment Fund
When estate planning, consider making a testamentary gift to our Endowment Fund. Money in this fund is used exclusively for capital projects and for mission and outreach opportunities.
Donations are always welcome to add further beauty to our historic church property. Money will be used to purchase flowers, mulch and other landscaping needs.
Music Fund – Donations may be directed toward purchasing music supplies, special music or performance fees.