The deacons primary function is to provide overall spiritual support to the congregation in times of need and celebration.

One of the celebratory events is Advent dinner which is generally held on the first Sunday in December. It is a potluck dinner which brings the congregation together for good food and evening of enjoyable conversation to begin the Christmas season.

The deacons also help coordinate rides and meals for members who may be ill or recovering from surgery.

Delivering altar flowers to shut-ins or members who may flowers to cheer them up is also a deacons' function.

Keeping in touch with members who may need a call or a visit is also something the deacons do for the church.

Each member has a responsibility for a certain portion of the congregation.

An important function is the hosting of receptions following the celebration of life  or memorial services. The deacons take pride in providing these receptions for our members. The deacons are also responsible for distribution the Journeying thru Grief series of books to those who may request them after the loss of a loved one.

As a whole the deacons address the spiritual and personal contact needs of the congregation.


If you are a member of our Congregation and would like to contact your Deacon, please click HERE.