Telescopes & Eternity by Pastor Greg Rupright
April 25, 2018, 4:10 PM

Hello Friends,

Someone once asked me what I’d do if

our astronomers and physicists discovered

intelligent life on another planet.  Or how

about something more unlikely like an

intelligent extraterrestrial civilization making

first contact with we Earthlings.  Would that

make you give up your belief in God?


I said, “No, it would expand my knowledge

of God’s greatness and the diversity of God’s



Peter Tyson, the Editor in Chief of Sky & Telescope

magazine, wrote in a recent article that even with

all our powerful telescopes, we can’t see everything.

He writes, “If we could plop the universe on a scale,

all we can observe with our eyes and instruments

would ‘weigh’ just 5% or so of the total.  The rest

is stuff invisible to us – dark matter and dark energy,

comprising about 26% and 69%, respectively.”


There you have it – the language of science trying

to quantify the infinite.  And that’s cool because

science uses instruments, mathematics and theories to try to

make sense of our universe.  And I’m all for that.

I believe that science and religion/faith can co-exist

and do so to express humanity’s endless quest for

eternity and infinity.


But there is another language that seeks to probe

the vast fathomlessness of infinity.  It is the language of faith.


The ancient psalmist declares, “The heavens are

telling the glory of God: and the firmament proclaims

God’s handiwork . . . In the heavens, God has set a tent

for the sun . . . Its rising is from the end of the heavens,

and its circuit to the end of them; and nothing is hid

from its heat” (Psalm 19:1, 4b, 6).  And that’s just

the earth’s sun!


I liked what Tyson wrote toward the end of his article.

“. . . If there was a Grand Creator (don’t worry, I’m not

going there), I can almost imagine it looking on and winking:

‘You Earthlings pride yourselves on how much you’ve figured

out about the cosmos.  Congratulations.  Now, try your

hand at this.'”


Imagining the vastness of our universe and time itself,

maybe there are some things that we will never understand

this side of eternity.


Thoughtfully Yours With Abundant Blessings,


Pastor Greg Rupright

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