November 2019  


Steve Smith, Church Moderator


Azanda Donaldson, Treasurer 


Stewardship, Chair (Brad Bowersox)

The Board of Stewardship enlists the personal and financial commitment of church members and friends to support the church and its' programs. 


Board of Deacons (Dave Mosher, Chair) 

The Board acts as liaisons to church families and provides transportation, meals, and support in times of sorrow, illness, and need. The Deacons also sponsor the Advent Dinner, provides visitations and delivery of flowers to our shut-ins, and provides memorial service receptions in our Fellowship Hall.  With the support of the congregation, we attend to the needs of our congregational family.


Worship Ministries (Diana Smith, Chair)

The Board of Worship shall advise, consult and participate with the Pastor concerning the worship and spiritual life of the church.


Board of Family Ministries (Brian Sherry, Chair)

The Board of Family Ministries supervises and directs the youth programs and provides the youth of our church with an environment for spiritual, social and personal growth. It provides a Senior and Junior Youth Program and encourages our young people to be active members of the church.

Board of Fellowship (Open )

The Board of Fellowship organizes events and opportunities for the congregation to have fun and build relationships.  The Board welcomes input, ideas, and suggestions from the congregation as it finds ways to promote fellowship by organizing cross-generational social events.  It also oversees the Hospitality Committee.

Board of Membership (Barb Law, Chair)

The Board of Membership encourages prospective members to join this church, orients new members in the goals and organization of the church, and helps integrate new members into the life of the church.

Board of Missions & Outreach (Chic Gray, Chair)

The Board of Missions and Outreach plans, supervises and coordinates the outreach, mission and service programs of the church. It promotes education for missions, outreach and service and encourages and promotes ways for church members to minister to our community. It appoints church representatives to various and selected agencies, institutions or other entities, as determined by the Church Council.

Stewardship (Brad Bowersox, Chair)

Board of Technology (Jim Franzen, Chair)

The Board of Technology oversees all technology, both financially and operationally.  It manages the technology budget and provides proposals for future projects.  It also oversees the Sound Committee.

Board of Trustees (George Dorr, Chair)

The Board of Trustees has custody and control of all church properties and revenues, and provides support and maintenance thereof.  This board also oversees the Memorial Committee, Endowment Committee, and Garden Committee.

Board of Christian Education (Amy Pasley, Chair)

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